"Your presentation was packed full of useful, original ideas and suggestions. Everyone is still talking about how easy your concepts were to implement. Most of us put your recommendations into action the very next day! I returned to my office with a new outlook, jumped immediately into the mess on top of my desk, and put everything in an appropriate file for priority and action. I am happy to report that not only can one still see the top of my desk, but I am more organized, less frustrated, and haven't lost a single important document since!" P.G. Sales & Marketing Association of Los Angeles

"Your presentation had broad appeal, it was lively and informative. Each of us was able to walk away with practical solutions to implement right away. You're a real pro." S.U. Meeting Planners International

"Out of all the speakers at the Hughes Aircraft Management Club dinners, yours was the most entertaining and useful." C.F. Hughes Aircraft Company

"The way you paced the lecture was perfect, with never a dull moment. As a very organized person myself, I was surprised at how much more I learned about improving existing systems." M.M. Sales Professionals of Los Angeles

"Your example of going through someone's briefcase and sorting out the ridiculous things was excellent and thought provoking. Thanks again for the enlightened presentation. It helped me make a significant change in my life." W.N. National Association of Accountants

"Your content was meaty and to the point. I went away with several good ideas to incorporate into my office environment. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us, the humorous situations you have encountered, and your solutions." L.R. National Speakers Association

"Your systems and advice have really helped me a lot. I have much more control over my day to day activities and I am amazed at the volume of work I am processing. Best of all, my gross production was up almost 30% for the fourth quarter from the third quarter." R.D. Paine Webber